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Momo the mountain

Momo the mountain

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Cute little mountain keychain | Polymer Clay | kawaii keychain

Mount Fuji, iconic and majestic, is depicted with a slight touch of cuteness. Its snow-capped summit is rendered with precision, evoking the picturesque landscape of the mountain. The small eyes, red nose, and mouth are artistically added to give it a cute and endearing appearance, creating a charming contrast with the imposing nature of the real Mount Fuji.

This "Momo" keychain is not only a practical accessory for organizing your keys but also a miniature work of art that can be attached to your bags, pouches, or even used as a decorative item. It embodies the fusion of traditional Japanese aesthetics with a touch of playful modernity, making it an ideal choice for lovers of Japanese culture and enthusiasts of cuteness.

This keychain is approximately 1,4 x 3,8 cm.

To ensure durability and protection, a layer of UV resin has been carefully applied to the brooch, giving it extra shine and resilience.

To preserve the beauty of this artisanal brooch, avoid submerging it in water and direct contact with chemicals. If needed, gently clean with a soft, dry cloth. To maintain the UV resin's shine, avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, as it could alter the color and luster.

 As each keychain pin is handcrafted, slight variations in details may occur, adding to their unique charm.

✎ The actual colors of this creation may slightly vary from those displayed on your screen due to color calibration variations.



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