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Premenstrual syndrome stickers | Glossy white vinyl | Period stickers sheet

We understand that each menstrual cycle is a unique experience, which is why our stickers are created with particular sensitivity towards the challenges that premenstrual syndrome can bring. This period can be accompanied by various emotions and discomforts, and our gentle illustrations are meant to remind you to care for yourself with compassion and acceptance.

By strategically placing these stickers, you create a space where self-observation and self-care harmoniously come together. Acceptance of your body and cycle is a essential step towards empowerment. Celebrate your femininity through these illustrations that honor life and the power that resides within you.

Please note that these stickers are not water-resistant. Avoid exposing them to excessive moisture or water to maintain their quality and appearance.

  1. Choose the surface you want to decorate, whether it's a journal, a card, a photo album, or another item.
  2. Gently peel the sticker off the sheet, taking care not to damage the design.
  3. Apply the sticker carefully to the chosen surface, pressing gently to adhere it.

This sticker is approximately 15.6 x 11.5 cm and is printed on a premium super matte self-adhesive paper.

✎ The actual colors of the stickers may slightly vary from those displayed on your screen due to color calibration variations.

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