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Wood log keychain | Polymer Clay | kawaii keychain

Picture yourself holding a little gem of creativity in your fingers: a keychain full of energy and charm, taking the form of a miniature wooden log. Crafted with artisan skill from polymer clay, this little treasure evokes the vibrant spirit of nature and the magic of handmade art.

Crowning the top of the log, a lively branch stretches out with dynamism, carrying a green leaf that seems ready to dance with your every move. This leaf is a refreshing reminder of nature's vitality, inviting you to embrace the energy of the world around us.

Attached to your keys, your bag, or any other place that accompanies you, this wooden log-shaped keychain becomes more than just an accessory. It embodies adventure, enthusiasm, and the timeless beauty of nature, turning every moment into a celebration of life.

Clay keychain is approximately 2.5 x 2.5 cm.

To ensure durability and protection, a layer of UV resin has been carefully applied to the brooch, giving it extra shine and resilience.

To preserve the beauty of this artisanal brooch, avoid submerging it in water and direct contact with chemicals. If needed, gently clean with a soft, dry cloth. To maintain the UV resin's shine, avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, as it could alter the color and luster.

 As each clay pin is handcrafted, slight variations in details may occur, adding to their unique charm.

 The actual colors of this creation may slightly vary from those displayed on your screen due to color calibration variations.

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