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Bonjour Deer

Bonjour Deer

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Bonjour | Matte photo paper | Cute fawn |

this illustration captures a frozen moment in time, where the innocent grace of fauna and the untamed beauty of flora converge to create a tableau of tranquility and wonder. It is an invitation to immerse oneself in nature's gentleness, to let worries dissipate, and to savor the present moment.

In this captivating illustration, an adorable fawn takes center stage, radiating charm and delicacy with every contour of its being. Its golden-brown fur, possessing an unreal softness, is adorned with a magnificent crown of meticulously woven wildflowers.


This sweet artwork measures 16x12 cm and  it's brimming with charm and details

✎ The actual colors of the stickers may slightly vary from those displayed on your screen due to color calibration variations.

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